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Electrician, Netherlands

Construction Field


As an electrician you can work in residential construction, utility , industry and Ships.

We give a number of examples of what you can expect from working in the Netherlands as an electrician.

As an electrician, your duties may include these activities:

  • installing electrical installations such as electrical wiring, pipes, switches, sockets, lighting, meter boxes, alarm systems, data etc.
  • checking and further testing of the electrical systems whether they work properly and whether they comply with the various standards and regulations.

pulling wires and cables in new construction homes and businesses with tension spring:

install group boxes

Bending electrical pipes 16 and 19 mm with bending spring. A lot of bending work is still being done.

installing wall sockets and switchgear.                    installation of distribution boxes.

new-build electricity on landfill floor

Be able to work from a working drawing.

Main Requirements:

  • Minimum two years of experience as an electrician residential and/or commercial installation.
  • Experience with installing electromechanical installations in homes and businesses.
  • Experience on a ship is an extra plus.


  • You work on different projects with several technicians of different nationalities.

communication is important because of being able to perform the work properly and for safety also.

  • We work in teams of two persons

A number of examples of work that an electrician can expect in the Netherlands.


☐  laying rigid electrical PVC pipes (16, 19mm) ☐ flexible electrical pvc pipes

☐  bending of electrical pipes with bending spring (16,19 mm)

☐  pulling wires and cables

☐  installing wall sockets ☐ switchgear

☐  light fixtures ☐ intercom ☐ telecom ☐ home automation (domotica) ☐ data ☐ PLC

☐  making fire alarm systems ☐ power installations

☐  install group cabinets

☐  control cabinets ☐ transformers ☐ motors ☐ solar panels

☐  laying cable trays

☐  solve malfunctions

☐  commissioning

☐  electrical installations on ships

☐  plumbing work

☐ reading technical drawings ☐ good ☐ reasonable ☐ moderate ☐ none

☐ houses construction ☐ new buildings ☐ renovation ☐ structural work

☐ civil construction ☐ industry ☐ maritime sector

☐  professional training as electrician

☐  valid VCA basic safety certificate

☐  NEN 3140 VOP certificate

☐  aerial platform certificate


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