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Job:Cabinetmaker/carpenter,Location :Gelderland, Holland

Construction Field

Job Specifications:

Job title Cabinetmaker/carpenter
Number of vacancies for this job 1 ASAP
Age preferences


No  (ages of the group 27 – 45)
Gender Preferences


Job location Gelderland
Work schedule 5 days 40 hours
Night shift? No
Week-ends? Can be possible on Saturday
Extra hours? How are they paid? 128,44% — 146,56% —- 184,56%

Requirements and Qualifications for the job (please fill in if there is a mandatory requirement)                                                                                              

Education (Profile / Specialization) No
Qualifications required (attestations, qualifications, etc.) Want to work and physically you’re in a good condition
Minimal professional experience required
Foreign languages required (level) English B1
Passport required or just national ID card? No matter
JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (List below the main job responsibilities)
You will work in the stone/brick factory where all types and sizes of stones are made in the old way, a lot of manual labor.  So you have to be in good physical shape. The work start immediately.

Job offer:

NETTO salary (EUR) Gross 12,85
At what frequency is the salary paid? Cash or bank account? Every 4 weeks sometimes an advance is possible.
Is there any support offered to open a bank account? yes
Type and duration of the employment contract Steady contract from 5 hours a week
Number of days of annual leave? Can they chose the time period? 20-25

in consultation with client

Is the medical insurance ensured for free or by cost? 24,82 a week



Is the accommodation ensured for free or by cost? Cost
If the accommodation is paid by the candidates, what is the cost? 85,00 Gross (+/- net 78,00)
What type of accommodation is ensured? (appartments, hotels, bungalow parts, etc…) House /BB/ Hotel/ Chalet/ Studio
The accommodation has separate bathrooms and kitchens or is there only one for multiple rooms? Private bedroom
How many people live in a room? 1
Can the employees leave their baggage at the accommodation on their holidays? Yes
Will the accommodation change after a holiday period? Normally no
Are there any shopping areas around the accomodation? yes



Is the transport ensured from your country to The Netherlands for free or the candidates pay for it? Not for free
Is the transport ensured from the accommodation to workplace for free or by cost? Driving your own car 0,19 per km. or drive together with colleagues. You need for this job car and drivers license. There is an opportunity to rent a car by us.
Is there a contact person that awaits the candidates when they arrive to The Netherlands? Is the transportation ensured from the airport to the accommodation? We pick you up at the airport when they take a plane
What is the name of the Airport? Can be Eindhoven or Amsterdam or Weeze (Germany)
What train stations or bus stations are around? There is.

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