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Job:Warehouse worker,Place of work :Haaksbergen, Holland

Industry Field
Position Title Warehouse worker
Name of the Department/Unit Logistics
Name of the function Order Picker & EPT driver

Reach Truck driver

Packaging worker

Possible work function description Order Picker & EPT driver: Pick, stake and sticker products.

Order picking with the EPT and an English voice-pick system.

Reach Truck driver: Driving the Reach Truck.

Packaging worker: Stacking beer crates and load/unload bier crates from trucks. 

General remarks PLUS is an important player in the Dutch food market with 270 supermarkets. The PLUS Retail organization consists of the service office in Utrecht, three regional distribution centers in Haaksbergen, Ittervoort and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, and a national distribution center in Middenbeemster.

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work conditions

Place of the work Haaksbergen
Shifts M-Sa: Flexible schedule.

06-00- the end of the work.

It is possible that people will receive during the weekdays off. Sundays are always off.

Salary (hourly rate), EUR/hour Above 23 years old:

Order picker : €12.04 gross/hour

Above 22 years:

Order picker : €11.10 gross/hour

Above 21 years:

Order picker : €10,90 gross/hour


Packaging worker: €12.04 gross/hour

Above 22 years:

22 years or older:

€11.25 gross/hour Above 21 years:

21 years old:

€10.49 gross/hour


Reach Truck driver: €12,53 gross/hour


Over hours and temperature surpluses Are possible on the request of the client.
00:00-12:00 +50%

12:00-00:00 +100%

Holidays In Consultation with the coordinator.
Transportation allowances Transportation to work is free. If the accommodation is within 10 km from the work, we are allocating bicycles for the employee. If the bicycle is not being returned to us we will charge €300 from the salary.

If the accommodation is further than 10 km, people drive to work. Those who have a driving license can be asked to become drivers of the car. Fuel/ reparations and the car insurance is paid by the company.

Other employee benefits Working clothes will be given from the company.

Safety shoes with a steel nose are required. Employee can take their own, in case they want to buy it from Want 2 Work, it’s also possible. If the employee leaves us within 6 month we will charge him/her €35 for the safety shoes. If the candidate leaves us after 6 months, we will charge nothing.

Accommodation Accommodation will be in 2-3 persons rooms, except the arrival address, where we still have rooms for 4 or 5 people.

The arrival address is a temporary address. People stay here until the start working.

Accommodation costs €96,5  euro gross/week.

Health insurance Dutch health insurance is mandatory by the Dutch Law.

Want 2 Work can provide insurance for €23.41/week. If the employee has his/her own Dutch insurance, we will need a copy of the insurance card.

Requirements for the candidate

Education High school or higher (Order Picker and Reach Truck driver)
Specialisations, qualifications Order Picker: EPT certificate is a plus!

Reach Truck certificate is required (if the case)!

Preferred/required work experience (in which fields) Order Picker & EPT driver::

Warehouse experience needed.

EPT experience is required.

Reach Truck driver:

Recent Reach Truck driver experience needed.

Packaging worker:

Experience with heavy physical work.

Requirements for the computer literacy  (from 1 to 5, were 1 – not important, 5 – very important) 0-3
Language skills Order Pickers and Reach Truck drivers:

English level B2


Dutch level A2-B1

Packaging worker:

English level A1-A2

Driving licence requirement Yes, based on how many drivers we have.
Other requirements Neat and easy going people.

Flexible mentality.

Highly motivated to work.

Able to work individually alone but also in a team.


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