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Ventilation mechanics , Holland

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Ventilation mechanics

Please find here more information about the work that a ventilation mechanic does. You can see in the pictures below what pipes they need to make on a ship. You can see the round pipes and the square pipes. People who are presented need to have experience with these kind of systems.

Here is a video about this subject:

Here is another video: (this is in dutch but here is where you can see the proces of connectin the pipes)

Main Requirements:

  • Minimum two years of experience as a ventilation mechanic
  • Experience with working with air ducts, both round (spiro ) and rectangular.
  • Experience on a ship is an extra plus


  • Because you work on a ship we need people who can work in small spaces. Communication is important.
  • On a ship the work and the measurements need to be tighter then in construction. So working on the millimetre is key.
  • We work in teams of two persons

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